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Brand: LG Model: LM-W315 W7 Smart Watch
Elegance in Design and FunctionalityThe only full-screen Wear OS smartwatch with mechanical hands, the LG Watch W7's premium stainless-steel design features the same quality materials you would find on most high-end timepieces, and its 1.2" screen allows for easy viewing and touch control.No Ch..
HKD $1,070.00
Brand: LG Model: V40 128GB Dual (6GB RAM)
Easily capture three photos – standard, telephoto zoom, and super wide-angle – with just one click.Get a live preview of all three rear cameras - telephoto zoom, standard and super wide- to compare and select the best lens for your scene.You can blur the background, change its color or even change t..
HKD $2,960.00
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