eSIM? what is this? How is it different from traditional SIM cards? What are the advantages and disadvantages? I believe this is a question that many users want to ask! After the Apple Watch and the new iPhone support eSIM in succession, I believe that more and more mobile phones or wearable devices will start to support it in the future. Where is it sacred?

First of all, the SIM card inserted in the phone should be something that many people are very familiar with, but it will be hidden in your phone except for the time when you buy a new phone or bid for the door number. Inside, and after several years of evolution, the traditional big card has become a micro card (microSIM) and then developed into a small card (nanoSIM), these three are "physical cards", and the newly born eSIM is a "virtual card" , That is, eSIM can't see the card of the physical SIM card. To use eSIM, you must use the QR code of the telecommunications company, and then "implant into your mobile phone", which means:

1. Your mobile phone must have eSIM support
2. Your telecom company must support eSIM service
3. To obtain the QR code of the telecom company to download and install the value

To put it more simply, the SIM card has changed from a traditional small card to a digital one. As long as your door number is "downloaded", it will appear in your mobile phone. When you change your phone in the future, you will also use the door number to use OTA (Over the Air) way to "download" to a new phone to "change" in the past, or download several eSIM virtual door numbers to switch freely (but only one door number can be used at a time).

In this way, not only do you not need to insert or remove the SIM card on your mobile phone in the future, you can even download the local SIM card to go online when you go abroad (of course you have to pay), and if you don't use it later, just delete it from the settings! If this feature is popularized in the future, the mobile phone can even cancel the SIM card slot in the future so that the mobile phone can have more space, and there can also be one less hole to make the mobile phone look better!