Staff of Apple Store give you some hints : 4 settings to extend the battery life on iPhone!


Most of us know that to lengthen the battery, we can use “Low Power Mode”. But actually some settings don’t need to be turned on permanently. They will be harmful for battery life. Smart staff of Apple Store will advise following 4 tips to protect your privacy, recovery power and save memory from applications.

(1)Significant Location 

Some apps need to know the location in order to provide the best services. For eg Weather and GPS are using your location data. In addition, pushing advertisement to you. If you don’t want to, you can go to “Setting > Privacy > Location Service s> System services > Significant Location” to “Off” or “On while using Apps”. 


(2) Limit Ad Tracking

Go to “Setting > Privacy > Advistising > Limit Ad Tracking” turn on Limit Ad Tracking. Turning this on will help to protect your privacy. 


(3) Fetch New Data

Have you even think of getting new emails will use a lot of energy ? You can go to ”Setting > Passwords & Account > Fetch New Data “ set this to “Push” and you can choose the frequency of getting emails. 


(4) Brightness 

Most people know this method. Sliding from the screen bottom to top, then you move the “Brightness” block to adjust it to 50% or lower. Then you can save quite a lot of power. 

Source: shefinds