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29 Dec
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21 Oct iPhone11,12比拼
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換還是不換?要買蘋果11還是12?你是不是每年秋季都要煩惱同樣的問題呢?如果真的如我所說,那請你一定要看完以上的圖表,希望可以解答您的煩惱。以下將會從蘋果11及12系列進行主要功能上(熒幕、鏡頭、其他設備、性能)的圖表比較。1. iPhone 12 vs 112. iPhone 12 Pro  vs  11 Pro3. iPhone 12 Pro Max vs 11 Pro Max4. iPhone 12 vs 12 mini-..
14 Oct 有Samsung Pay,冇Samsung Pay ?唔係靠彩數
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依家出門最緊要輕輕鬆鬆,好多人都會用手機電子錢包嘅功能去俾錢,非常之方便,咁今日我哋就會同大家講吓Samsung Pay!雖然現時Samsung大多數最新系列嘅產品、型號都支援Samsung pay,但係原來Samsung Pay嘅功能並非必然,有時產品嘅版本都會影響到Samsung Pay嘅功能。例如南美版嘅Samsung產品嘅Galaxy Watch Active 2 44mm、40mm 就係無支援Samsung Pay。  咁小編就幫大家整理咗邊啲產品、版本係有支援Samsung Pay,..
15 Jun What is eSIM? How is it different from traditional SIM cards? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
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eSIM? what is this? How is it different from traditional SIM cards? What are the advantages and disadvantages? I believe this is a question that many users want to ask! After the Apple Watch and the new iPhone support eSIM in succession, I believe th..
27 May Is it possible to achieve iPhone free bang design?
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Many people think that removing Face ID directly to fingerprint recognition under the screen or letting both exist at the same time, I believe that Apple has also considered these solutions.Maybe everyone will use the solutions of fingerprint recogni..
27 May Galaxy Watch 2 Titanium case rumor
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The website SamMobile recently reported that Samsung's Galaxy Watch 2 smartwatch under development will have a more expensive titanium case version. Similar to competitor Apple Watch, Samsung will provide both aluminum and stainless steel versions fo..
23 Apr Zenfone 6 Charging Problem
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曾經出現過有顧客投訴Zenfone 6 充電問題, 本站並非在此推卸責任, 而是為大家尋求真相和解決方法.以下是在Google 找到有關zenfone 6充電問題的網址Zenfone 6 充電問題zenfone 6 耗電量很快,充電速很慢(5/3更新使用實測&附圖)華碩 應負起 責任 解決 Zenfone 6 「(快)充電問題」!!【問題】Zenfone 6充電問題其中在  華碩 應負起 責任 解決 Zenfone 6 「(快)充電問題」!!這一篇文章中談及出問題的是 華碩 Zenfone 6 ..
27 Mar 4 tips to extend the battery life on iPhone
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Staff of Apple Store give you some hints : 4 settings to extend the battery life on iPhone! Most of us know that to lengthen the battery, we can use “Low Power Mode”. But actually some settings don’t need to be turned on permanently. They will be har..
27 Feb What is the difference between dealer goods and parallel imported goods?
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【Answering your queries】Keep answering the most asked questionsAsk : what you need to consider before picking Dealer goods and Parallel import goods?Answer:Dealer goods are more expensive than Parallel import goods as the dealers have higher cost, in..
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