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Brand: Google Model: Chromecast 3 Media Streaming Device
Stream from your device to your TV. Just like that.Stream from Android and iPhoneR.Enjoy hundreds of Android or iPhone apps, and play or pause directly from your phone.See your laptop on your TV.Mirror your laptop screen to your TV with your Chrome browser. Surf the web or see your media on the big ..
HKD $220.00
Google Wifi System 3-Pack GA02434 Snow
Brand: Google Model: Wifi System 3-Pack GA02434
A new approach to home Wi-Fi.Enjoy Wi-Fi throughout your home, on your devices. Google Wi-Fi is a home Wi-Fi solution that works with your modem and Internet Provider, so that you can stream, download and share without missing a beat.Smart and simple.It’s what you love about Google brought to home W..
HKD $1,020.00
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